Oak Charcoal

2017 is very exciting as Marienburg launches Oak Charcoal to complement its well proven Alder Restaurant Quality Charcoal. Oak charcoal burns hotter and for much longer – making it the ideal choice for professional kitchens and accomplished home barbecue enthusiasts catering for parties.


Interesting Facts

  • Lumpwood Charcoal is very versatile and has many uses:
  • It is widely used in smoking and curing foods
  • Place charcoal in open bowls in a fridge, cupboard or drawers to banish odors.
  • When storing salt or sand to use in winter a few lumps of charcoal in the container will soak up dampness and prevent caking.
  • Charcoal mixed into flower pots can aid in moisture retention

Endorsement from the World BBQ Association

“Overall, feedback was excellent.  The size of the lumps of charcoal and the long burning time was remarked on very favourably.  From our instructors’ perspective, they found it to be some of the best, of the best they’ve used, and would certainly recommend using it again.”

Patrick O’Sullivan,
President, WBQA

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